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Honey Up Your Hot Afternoon @ Kosnica Café

This is my first blog post, and guess what it is about? Dessert! 

If you need a dose of sweetness to distract yourself from the hot weather in Singapore, I know where you can go to. This was how I pampered myself when I visited Kosnica Café with Zhi Qiang, and Irene from 

Their signature offerings are waffles, premium gelato and cakes – as exclaimed boldly on their signboard. One of their must-try is the Triton Stingless Bee Honey from Australia which can be found in their honey themed desserts and drinks. 

The café interior is sleek and simple, with nothing over the top. The white interior is peppered with lots of fluffy “bees” – cushions that you will find too irresistible to hug.  Comfortable and easy on the eyes, the interior does not overpromise and prompts you straight to what they have on the plate. The staff were amicable, despite being part-timers. I was taking my time to decide because everything looked delectable. 

There is a wide selection of ice-cream flavour…
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